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I was wrong, completely wrong

Publicerat den 13 februari 2017

We have decided and are committed to establishing Connectel in the EAC region (East African Community) and in the past week I have been working in Kenya. This is a short summary of our work and of my impressions.

First of all, I just want to say that I am very impressed by Kenya in many different ways and that this is one of the friendliest and best countries I have ever visited.

First day in Nairobi, Kenya. We kicked off the week with a meeting with one of the biggest banks in Kenya, so exciting! During their customer presentation I immediately got very impressed by their focus on putting the end customer first by enabling cutting edge technology to provide better customer experience. For those who believe that Kenya uses yesterday’s solutions and that there isn´t an understanding of how technology can provide a better customer experience, I will be clear; you are wrong, completely wrong. That is not the case and I too was completely wrong because I had not realized that. With my experience of working with Scandinavian companies I can definitely say that I was surprised to realize that some of the companies here are steps ahead of Scandinavian companies regarding enabling new technology. Very impressive and inspiring to see!

We had prepared our presentation with some potential cloud services from Connectel and we got the customer’s interest immediately. That resulted in a customized demo scheduled later this week where we will present how we can use our self-service engine to provide a better customer experience. I can´t wait to come back and present our customized demo and show how it will give great value. I had trouble falling asleep after the first day, I got so many good impressions, more than I could ever imagine.

We continued with more meetings the following days. Some of the sectors that we focused on were bank/financial, provider/carriers and airliners. My experience from the first day continued, I was impressed by how the companies here use IT in their organizations and how our services would fit perfectly. That resulted in more meetings booked and more customized demos scheduled. So much potential for us.

The atmosphere at the meetings was great, it was easygoing and we had a lot of laughs. It was so easy to get into everything here that after the second day, I felt at home.

The days were long and I really needed to push myself in how we can provide our services here and what services we will produce, but of course that is what I like, so I couldn´t ask for anything else.

Towards the end of the week we began to return to the companies that we met at the beginning of the week. Now we were here to present our services to them. I had a lot of questions in my head before the meetings. What will they think about our services? Will they see and understand the benefits? What will they think about our concept and pricing? There was a lot that we would now get an answer and customer response to.

And we got positive feedback. I remember that after the first meeting, when I had performed my customized demo for the customer, the first three words from the customer were: I‘m blown away!

I cannot wait to start working with these companies and deliver our services that I strongly believe will give the customers great value and have deep impact on the market.

Now, when I am writing this, I am cruising at 43000 feet on my way back to Sweden. I am tired and I have a hard time keeping my eyes open (there wasn´t so much sleep). But I feel extremely inspired, I have got new impressions and ideas and I can´t wait for our next step, so the sleep can definitely wait.

I will be back soon. We have several potential customers and business dialogues going on so I really look forward to establishing Connectel in the region.

Go Kenya! Myself and Connectel believe in you!

Jens Leijon, Operations Leader

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