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I'm on a business trip, and I love it!

Publicerat den 9 mars 2017

And there I was, alone, seated in the big conference room that was filling up with representatives from the big Kenyan power company. And my colleagues that had accompanied me through every minute of every hour so far, somewhere else, hours away measured in Nairobi traffic. Time to step it up Filip, go get em.

It’s been one week since I got back from my first business trip ever. One week in Nairobi, packed with meetings at different companies, big companies, interesting companies.

This autumn I got involved in the project of trying to pin down a market for us in Kenya, with a lot of help from Business Sweden. Said and done, after many distance calls with Kenya we were prepared and ready to go. I still wasn’t sure whether I was to join or little delegation but there was no hesitation on that matter from my company. Of course, I was going – Pack you bag Filip, Nairobi awaits!

Monday morning and we land at Jomo Kenyatta, no time to lose. A taxi to the hotel asap to catch a quick shower before its time. Time to test the presentation I put together, time for my first meeting outside of Sweden, and in Kenya of all places. Solid support from the company founders (Jens & Robin) but still, I was to hold It together, act as glue in the presentation, creating an open dialogue the would lead to something productive. Never before have I attended so productive meetings. It just worked perfectly. The atmosphere was impressive, productive, leading somewhere and also cheerful. I was talking about a global integrated world and that the IT-world knows no borders, Jens smiling bigger and bigger for every time I repeated it. And so did the people we met, everyone was optimistic, signs all around, yelling out “Customer Excellence”

The first meeting resulted in that we booked a demo at the end of the week, so did another one. Along with that we also managed to book new interesting meetings for the end of the week.

Two days into our packed meeting schedule we summarized what we felt so far, Robin said it best: “We have done it all wrong all the time, What we do now during these meetings is exactly how we should do it at home as well” tossing up an old printed presentation in the air. He was right, this is more fun.

And I want to go back to Nairobi, the sooner the better. Maybe that’s my next goal? Starting up Connectel’s first office outside Europe? That would be an experience.

Filip Bengtsson, Sales and business dev

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